Canada Expansion Bootcamp

Canada Expansion Bootcamp

Founded: 2020

Leverage Canada quickly, affordably, and safely.


Program Type
12 weeks

The Canada Expansion Bootcamp is ideal for fast-growing technology companies in the US that are keen to tap into Canada’s affordable and high-quality talent pool, leverage lower operating costs and progressive immigration policies, and pursue market opportunities.
Our program is designed to significantly reduce the cost and complexity of international expansion for founders. Participants will graduate the Bootcamp with a wholly-owned Canadian subsidiary along with tools, knowledge, and connections to operate and grow a compliant operation.



Funding & Benefits

Type of Funding
Program Fee
$4,000 which includes establishing a legal entity in Canada
Offer Details
If accepted, participating companies get: -Canadian corporate entity & legal templates -Bank accounts, Payroll & HR -Employer Guide & Hiring Profile -Tax Incentive Scan -Relevant workshops on immigration, government support, Payroll/HR, recruitment -Access to an exclusive network of topical experts, service providers, government agencies, and peers -...and more


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