Deep Science Ventures - Hydrogen Economy

Deep Science Ventures - Hydrogen Economy

Founded: 2016

Accelerating the hydrogen economy


Program Type
6-9 months


Funding & Benefits

Offer Details
You will join our in-house team of entrepreneurial scientists to lead opportunity analysis and venture creation in this particular area. Specifically, you will focus on mapping out the constraints and limitations currently leading to a lack of innovation. Then, after just six to nine months, it’s anticipated that you will co-found up to three start-ups in this space, taking the role of CEO or CTO at one. We have partnerships with some of the world’s leading companies in the industry to support our teams working on transition to clean fuels. If you found a company whilst working with us, there’s up to £500k of investment, and at least £100k in grant funding, plus the further opportunity to carry out 6 figure industrial proof of concept work.


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Newchip Accelerator

- Harald S.