Deep Science Ventures - Identification and Clearance

Deep Science Ventures - Identification and Clearance

Founded: 2016

Enable full identification, full clearance


Program Type
6-9 months

Someone coming from the oncolytic virus field with experience in either measles virus, vaccinia virus, adenovirus, reovirus, parvovirus, picornavirus, herpesvirus etc. and having practical knowledge of modification of the viral envelope or capsids or design of synthetic alternatives for immune evasion / stealth strategies.
Alternatively, we are interested in someone that is familiar with exosomes, targeting and loading. Additional experience in evaluating immunogenic cell death, cytokine expression and immune stimulation is also desired.

The preferred candidate will originate from one of the key companies or academic groups in the space and have a deep understanding of one area and a good grasp of other relevant fields. Most importantly, the candidates should have an enthusiasm for innovation, be entrepreneurial and adaptable.


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