Fight the Virus Accelerator

Fight the Virus Accelerator

Founded: 2020

This is our generation's moment - Fight the Coronavirus. Up to $1M for each startup tackling the coronavirus crisis


Let's lead a World War II worthy effort to battle the virus, and help everyone adapt to the new normal - especially kids and grandparents.
We don't believe the virus can be contained; our lives will be massively impacted for at least a year. If that is true, we'll need to unleash our creativity to solve problems such as:

Social interaction, especially for elderly
Homeschooling for kids
Remote education tools
Remote collaboration
Remote health and home workouts
Safer childcare solutions
New approaches to vaccines & treatments
Medical devices
Distribution of supplies to those in need
Faster ways to produce medical supplies
Better ways to fund small businesses
Better ways to support workers in lockdown
Improved monitoring of illnesses & quarantines
Spreading patient load across hospitals
Improving hygiene and sanitation
Protective clothing
Any other idea we didn't think of that could save lives...

Some of these startups may help our immediate crisis. Others may help us be better prepared for the next one.

In times of great need, the next generation of great startups is born. As Churchill once said, "Never let a good crisis go to waste". It's our time to shine. So let's get it done.


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$50K + mentorship for startups tackling the coronavirus crisis. Investing $50K on with an uncapped SAFE with MFN provision


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