The House of DeepTech

The House of DeepTech

Founded: 2020

The House of DeepTech - Accelerating impact


9 months

The House of DeepTech is an incubator for deeptech entrepreneurs that are transforming global industries and enabling a climate-resilient world. It offers a 12-week personalised Land and Expand Immersion Program tailored to establish growth frameworks, advance commercialisation, and prepare for additional funding. It is then followed by a 6 month Incubation Coaching Program with on-site in-person customer interviews, sales meetings, and investor introductions to rapidly grow top lines in Europe, implement customer development and extend runway and/or R&D roadmap.
Build your European GTM plan and fundraising roadmap with expert mentors and connect with the world's experts. Tap our global community of serial entrepreneurs, growth hackers and marketers, IP, Brand protection and anti counterfeit experts, tech gurus, angel investors, ultra high net worth funding experts, and venture capitalists.

Connect from where ever you are located in the world and leverage R3i Venture's Entrepreneurs in Residence as your partners to hit the road running in Europe. We measure ourselves by your outcomes, not just by our activities.

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This program is fundamentally a market access program and direct investment is not the main objective. ​ We also understand that fund-raising is a long term process and could happen after the program ends. Therefore, we provide opportunities for our cohort to connect and network with key stakeholders in the venture capital industry through the R3i Deal Desk and via the many non dilutive grant funding pathways.


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