Supports the growth of startups operating in Agritech and Future Food


Program Type
16 weeks

Dpixel and Sella Group aim to support the growth of startups operating in Agritech and Future Food and bring disruptive innovations to the market through innovative technologies, in order to reduce cost, reduce complexity and increase capabilities, designing the entire food chain of the future: sustainable, accessible, efficient, climate-proof and adaptable to change.
AG 4 Future Food Accelerator is a b2b vertical acceleration program focused on a collaborative framework aimed at enabling the contamination and collaboration between companies and startups, supporting growth and bringing breakthrough innovation to the agricultural  industry.The acceleration program provides the appropriate tools and methodologies to support startups in the implementation of projects capable of responding to the innovation needs of AG & Food companies in terms of improving processes, identifying new products and markets, redefining the relationship with customers through alternative business models.
* Highly qualified network and partnerships with a strong target knowledge and technical background
* Post-acceleration financing of startups
* Financial industries coverage
* Building a close connection with the potential market through a strong involvement of corporates
16 weeks (in addition to the scouting phase) divided into 4 phases with intermediate selections, to identify only the best startups.

Funding & Benefits

Type of Funding
100K € for 5 selected startups
Offer Details
100K € for each of the 5 selected startups Key Factors: • In-depth selection of the most promising teams is carried out through the skills of the partners • Corporates identify a specific need and leverage the expertise of the accelerator to utilize its unfair advantage in the focus area • Pool of high skilled mentors both in business acceleration and agricultural domain focused on narrowing down which company makes the most sense to address the needs • Business validation process is put in place for each team based on the principles of lean startup and international best practices • Technological assessment and support to experimentation for technological validation is carried out by the supporting partners • In-depth due diligence on each team (business & execution) during the program is assured both by the accelerator’s team and the corporates involved


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