Annual Afro Future Career Accelerator (Digital Edition)

Annual Afro Future Career Accelerator (Digital Edition)

Founded: 2020

An initiative hosted by the Global Startup Foundation in partnership with Microsoft, Google Cloud, AWS, IBM Cloud, and more.


4 weeks

Afro Future career accelerator program, which is a 4-week digital course and remote internship for Afro-descendant and black people getting into careers of the future. This program will cover several key topics highlighted below and will welcome top experts and executives to speak on these subject matters.
****Career Topics Covered
The Future of Work
Personal branding and Positioning
Digital skills of the Future
Top 10 Most Desired skills of the future
Top career opportunities in the digital age
Future Technology (Impact of Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Virtual Reality, and IOT on work)
Career and Entrepreneurship
****Culture Topics Covered:
Black History
African History
Black investment
Black wealth
Black politics
Agriculture and farming
Diet and nutrition
Mental health
Heart health
Justice and legal (racism, legal)
Black Smart cities

About: The Afro Future Career Accelerator is the world's first and only global digital accelerator program created to engage, train and prepare black professionals for careers in future tech. Sessions include exploration into Ai, blockchain, virtual reality tech, and more. With 20 virtual speakers and a cohort of 100 members, the program offers access to valuable industry insights and networking opportunities. Additionally, the program's digital demo day draws a large audience of over 10,000 delegates. Overall, the Afro Future Career Accelerator aims to promote diversity and inclusion in the tech industry by empowering black professionals to excel in high-growth areas of technology.

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