Founded: 2020

Strong woman, strong world


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With an individual study, the Feen application is an application that can be easily used by many countries, especially the country we are in. Studies on the global climate crisis alone do not attract the attention of citizens. Instead, we developed an e-commerce application that includes all recycling/upcycling materials and meeting the needs of those in need to combat the global climate crisis and support the sustainable world. We designed the Feen application on the textile sector to attract the attention of the citizens, to ensure their active use and to prevent poverty by increasing the economic freedom of women. We designed Feen in such a way that municipalities, public institutions (schools, hospitals, nursing homes, prisons, etc.), non-governmental organizations, private companies and citizens can communicate with each other within the framework of a sustainable world and global climate crisis. In addition, it makes an incentive carbon footprint calculation. Accordingly, the virtual tree grows.

Funding & Benefits

Type of Funding
500,000 usf for 20%


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