Founded: 2009

Unleashing European Tech Founders


Freigeist Capital is a privately-owned investment firm working with visionary founders to fund and build disruptive technology companies. The firm is best known for its seed investments in Lilium, Kraftblock, Neufund and Smartlane. Notable exits include Wunderlist (acquired by Microsoft), MyTaxi (acquired by Daimler) and kaufDA (acquired by Springer).
Freigeist’s team of experienced founders consists of Frank Thelen, Marc Sieberger, Marcel Vogler, Alex Koch and Niklas Hebborn. The firm specializes in identifying and backing extraordinary founders at an early stage, often before their companies have even been founded.
At Freigeist, we believe startups are a key driver of innovation and progress. Ultimately, startups improve the quality and sustainability of our lives. In our 25 years of founding and supporting startups, we have been through the highest highs and lowest lows. Building a company is a tough challenge, but we can’t think of a better way to spend your professional life.


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€500K - €2m for 20%
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Besides our money, we bring 20 years of founding experience, our network and a real hands-on mentality to the table. We support our portfolio in Operations, Product, Tech, HR, Fundraising, Finance, Brand, PR and more.


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