Greentech Europe 2022 Village Capital

Greentech Europe 2022 Village Capital

Founded: 2022

Supporting gender-diverse greentech innovation in Europe


12 weeks

A first of its kind sustainability partnership, supporting gender diverse participation
A partnership with the Visa Foundation to improve the resilience and scalability of gender-diverse startups in Europe. The program will work alongside local organizations to source and support 30 early-stage, small and medium businesses (SMBs), providing them with timely training, expert advice, network support, and funding to allow them to thrive – and in turn help close the gender financing and resource gap in the region.

Apply to Emerging Futures

With Cohort 1 currently underway, we are delighted to scale our impact to support an additional cohort, Emerging Futures.

We will accept 40 additional gender-diverse startups to participate in our online, self-paced investment-readiness curriculum.

The program will launch in June 2022 and run for twelve weeks. Applications are being assessed on a rolling basis, through April 19. For additional information, contact Amina Ahmad.


Women’s participation in technology development is starting to rise. But their participation in green technology still lags in comparison to male counterparts.

That’s according to a recent report from OECD, which found that women make up just 13% of environmental innovators. The data matches other reports and anecdotes, in Europe and beyond, that find that women are a distinct minority in conversations around impact-driven tech.

How can we solve the world’s biggest problems if we are excluding nearly half of the population from the conversation?

Visa Foundation and Village Capital are excited to announce the Greentech Europe 2022 initiative – a new project dedicated to supporting gender diverse ventures creating sustainable economic, environmental and social solutions across Europe.

Funding & Benefits

Type of Funding
Free + $150K of grant available
Program Fee
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The program is free, with $150K of grant funding available to be split amongst the co-hort.


Application Status
Always Open
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