Minc Incubator

Minc Incubator

Founded: 2002

A non-profit accelerator program with the mission to make Malmö one of Europe’s best cities for entrepreneurs and startups.


Program Type
Up to 36 months

Minc offers business development, creative workspaces, network and programs designed for entrepreneurs in Malmö.
With more than 15 years of experience and having helped hundreds of startups to take on the world, Minc is the place to be if you’re looking to scale your startup faster and smarter. Minc Incubator is tailored to your phase and needs and the program duration is up to 36 months. We work with our in-house business developers and our global network of business angels, coaches and industry experts to help your venture take on the world. And better yet - Minc takes no shares or equity as the hosting incubator.


City / State

Funding & Benefits

Type of Funding
Extended Offer
Possibility to get a 300,000 SEK investment from our fund Fast Track Capital 2.