Product10x Build

Product10x Build

Founded: 2019

We co-create SaaS Startups with a focus on Deep tech and Product Led Growth.



Build is a 3-6 month program and helps your startup go from “Idea to Product”.
Ideal for the founders who just started their journey and would like to start the company, validate the idea, conduct user study, better understand the problem space, and build the product.

Program Outcomes
Formulate business model and achieve initial product-market fit
Launch with minimum winnable product with design partners
Win initial 10-20 customers with go-to-market execution

In this program, we help you to answer questions like…

As a founder, do I understand the problem space deep enough?
How should I validate my idea? Who are my users?
Should I prototype with UX mockups or build a product?
How can I get beta customers for my product?
Is there a product market fit? How do I know?

Funding & Benefits

Program Fee
1%-5% of equity


Application Status
Always Open
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