Safe x Connected Cities Accelerator

Safe x Connected Cities Accelerator

Founded: 2020

Our cities need to be more than just smart.


Program Type
24 weeks

1. Connect. The program provides a low-risk platform to connect with enterprise partners and validate technologies, strategies, products and ideas in close partnership with them and Highline Beta
2. Test. Through tailored programming and 1:1 coaching, the program helps startups get to a proof-of-concept or pilot faster with an opportunity for enterprise scale.

3. Scale. Our enterprise network of leading smart city and mobility collaborators provide an industry-wide 'unfair advantage' that can only come from validated products and scale, which in turn amplifies brand awareness and fuels growth.

4. Access funding. Potential funding and access to other institutional investors via the Highline Beta network.


Funding & Benefits

Pilots are paid.
Offer Details
Pilots are paid. We do not take equity for program participation.


Application Status
# of Startups Invested
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