Safe x Connected Cities Accelerator

Safe x Connected Cities Accelerator

Our cities need to be more than just smart.


Program Type
3-6 months

Safe × Connected Cities Accelerator is a road safety startup accelerator, which takes global applications. It is joining forces with some of the world’s most innovative companies to work with startups that care about making people’s lives better. We’re looking for startups that want to proactively scale their businesses and test their products’ viability alongside leading corporations, industry professionals and experts around the world.
This collective program believes that by working together and strategically implementing solutions, we can create meaningful changes to urban environments. We invite innovative startups in verticals such as IoT, urban mobility, and the connectivity space to join us on a mission to test and implement solutions that can make cities safer and more connected one block at a time.


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Newchip Accelerator

- Harald S.