Sector 7

Sector 7

Founded: 2016

Sector 7 is a startup enabler [and venture studio] that builds momentum [and de-risks the journey] for early stage startups/founder going from idea to execution [or 0 to 1] by co-building the fundamental blocks of the venture.


No cohorts, in the trenches with the startups

Sector 7 Ventures is an early stage focussed start-up enabler that works with founders to define their true north while partnering with them to build their business from 0 to 1 - from idea to execution. We act as an extension to the founding team and get involved in setting up the foundational building blocks of the organisation.
We do not have cohorts. We do not charge upfront equity. We do not charges fees for startups to apply or work with us.

We're not a big fan of jumping into relationships. We love [Experiments]( as a way to identify if there is potential for long term alignment between the startup/founders and us.

We provide strategic and tactical advisory. We also roll up our sleeves and work as a part of the team for implementation/execution.

We get involved in areas that complement the skillsets/capabilities of the founding team. If the founding team is technical, we get involved in brand strategy and sales process. If the team has operational excellence, we take over the technology piece.


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Funding & Benefits

Type of Funding
$5K-$30K as a convertible/SAFE note
Program Fee
no fees, no upfront equity


Application Status
Always Open
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