SPC Founder Fellowship

SPC Founder Fellowship

Founded: 2015

$400k for 7%


The SPC Founder Fellowship is the best place for founders in the earliest stage of company building. Whether you have an idea or not, we want to hear from you.
SPC Founder Fellowship terms are $400k for 7% on a SAFE. Teams also get membership in the SPC community and a proprietary curriculum we’ve refined to help you validate ideas, all in a small cohort with direct mentorship by SPC partners.

We will review applications on a rolling basis. This will help us maximize attention paid to each application and get decisions out quickly. We will close the application once the cohort fills, so we encourage you to apply as soon as possible.

The next cohort is open to all venture-scale company ideas. We are not restricting applications to a particular market or industry. Your north star could be a market that interests you, a problem you can’t stop thinking about, a product you think should exist, or anything else that guides your ambition.

Learn more in our FAQ: https://blog.southparkcommons.com/spc-founder-fellowship-5/

Funding & Benefits

Type of Funding
$400k for 7%


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