Stacks Accelerator

Stacks Accelerator

Founded: 2021

Build dApps on Bitcoin and develop the internet of our future


3 months

Stacks Accelerator invests in outstanding startup teams building dApps on Bitcoin with the Stacks blockchain. Stacks is an open-source network of decentralized apps and smart contracts built on Bitcoin. Stacks 2.0 unleashes Bitcoin’s full potential as a programmable base layer. The accelerator is a three-month mentorship-driven program for teams looking to create the internet of the future. We invest up to $50,000 in an uncapped note (the final equity % thus depends on the terms of your next funding round and is likely to be the lowest any accelerator takes). The true value comes from access to hyper-connected, world-class mentors and investors in the blockchain and startup space, such as YCombinator, Union Square Ventures, Digital Currency Group, and Winklevoss Capital.

Funding & Benefits

Type of Funding
$50K on uncapped note
Program Fee
Offer Details
The Stacks Accelerator offers flexible, fair, and efficient funding options with cash investment up to $50k and no Valuation Cap.


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