Startup Haven

Startup Haven

Founded: 2019

We help build cogent growth stories.


3 months

The Startup Haven Accelerator program is designed to help founders identify and achieve the right, next strategic growth milestone for their company. The program was designed from the beginning (pre COVID) to be 100% virtual.
The 3-month program offers teams these benefits:
- Access to world-class mentors and investors
- Each team is paired with two dedicated "executive mentors" (experienced founders or investors) who work with them one-on-one throughout the duration of the program. 
- Each team receives a $120K funding offer. 
- Teams are eligible for $350k+ in premium product and service discounts, including $100k in AWS credits, 90% HubSpot discount, and many others. 

Applying startups must meet these minimum requirements.

- Full-time founders. 
- Venture-scale opportunity
- Capital-efficient business (e.g., saas, platform, marketplace, etc.)
- Early elements of traction or commercialization (e.g., product live in production, initial revenue, meaningful user engagement, compelling and commercializable IP, etc.)



Funding & Benefits

Type of Funding
$120k for 8%
Offer Details
$20k for 5% plus $100 at $3M pre


Application Status
Always Open
# of Startups Invested
Number of Alumni Startups