Startup Studio by Mozilla Builders Incubator

Startup Studio by Mozilla Builders Incubator

Founded: 2003

Mozilla’s Fix-The-Internet Incubator. $75,000 investment in early stage startups. SAFE ($2m cap).


Program Type
3 months

Back in March, we put out our call for ideas to "fix-the-internet". 1500 of you showed up and well over a hundred projects are now underway. Now we're launching our v2: the Mozilla Builders Incubator.
We're looking to invest in people, projects, and technologies that shape the internet and have a positive impact without having to only worry about the bottom line. Firefox, Wikipedia, Wordpress, DuckDuckGo, Kickstarter, GitHub, Node.js, and Ethereum are some of our favorite examples of the internet at its best. We’ve done it before. We're going to build 1000 more.

We will invest $75,000 on a post-money SAFE for 3.5% ownership in your company when the SAFE converts, or we will participate in an already-active investment round.


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$75K for 3.5%


Application Status
Always Open
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