Startups Academy

Startups Academy

Founded: 2021

We make you #build_better_business


3-6 weeks but you gain lifetime access to the Navigator

Startups Academy is a bespoke, innovative approach to Startups enablement around converting an idea into a successful business. We offer a Business Builder Navigator solution that combines enablement, consultancy and creation of a Startup fundamentals in a digital format. To understand the experience you can watch this short video:

Funding & Benefits

Type of Funding
no equity taken
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$1999 USD
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We believe that beating the odds of 9:1 Startups failure is possible. We also want to change the dynamics that leads to 4 out of 5 founders stepping down as CEO before their company's IPO. We also address a recurring investor concern that Startups do not have a proper business model knowledge and understanding.


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