Sustainable Impact Accelerator

Sustainable Impact Accelerator

Founded: 2022

Sustainable Impact Accelerator is Asia's first VC-backed accelerator for impact enterprises.


10 weeks

Slated to run from June to August 2022, the Sustainable Impact Accelerator combines the expertise of raiSE and Quest Ventures to support socially impactful enterprises with high potential in scaling up their impact. They should have proven revenues, an enthusiastic user base, and clear intent or track record to integrate human-centred social impact, while also demonstrating potential for double-digit year-on-year growth within the next five years.
Start-ups will receive funding and capability support to drive their next stage of growth, and gain exposure to investors across key cities in Asia as they work towards raising an institutional investment round in the next 12 months.

Under the programme, eligible start-ups and businesses will undergo a unique curriculum designed by Quest Ventures and raiSE around achieving real-world outcomes and tangible impact. They will also receive a pool of 'Family Benefits', the largest such programme in Asia to provide technologies and tools that would help them scale their businesses and impact. Participants will also gain access to both Quest Ventures’ and raiSE’s diverse network of mentors, entrepreneurs-in-residence, and founders.

The Sustainable Impact Accelerator is a collaboration between Quest Ventures and the Singapore Centre for Social Enterprise, raiSE to support high potential enterprises to scale social impact.



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