Telluride Venture Accelerator

Telluride Venture Accelerator

Founded: 2012

A bootcamp-driven accelerator program for established startup ventures


Having spent years observing and working with startups and accelerator programs, we pride ourselves on being innovative in our approach. A few key areas that really make us stand out:
Bootcamp Model: We've taken our highest value content, mentors, and partners and packaged them up to fit companies needs. Startups need access to content when it's relevant to them, not all at once. We plan to change and evolve the offering based on the needs of alumni and companies applying. Housing is included during each bootcamp for two founders. See our list of bootcamps below.

Continued Access: Once companies apply and are accepted to a TVA Bootcamp, they have access to any future bootcamps. Note: TVA can only provide housing for one bootcamp per company.

Diversity & Stage: The standard accelerator model biases itself towards younger, single, and extremely early stage ventures. We're proud to have over 50% of applicants with a female founder and an average age of 37. The average company in 2019 had over $300k in established revenue the year prior.

Flexible Funding: The traditional equity & convertible note structure doesn't work for some companies.

Equity: Those with high-growth ambitions and potential, and who will likely require additional outside capital. We offer founder-friendly warrants with no maturity dates, just a pre-defined % based on a valuation. Our standard offer for early stage companies raising their first round is $30k for 5% which converts after raising $200k in additional capital. Companies must be established as C-Corps.

Revenue Based Investments (RBI): Many companies don't fit the profile of traditional venture capital but still require investment. This alternative fills the gap between traditional debt and high-growth equity and is highly aligned with the growth and seasonalities of each business. An example might be $30k in an RBI note, deferred repayment until the company increases revenue by 50%, at which point the company repays the RBI at 5% per month until it hits a 2.5X repayment cap. Great for LLCs or C-Corps.

Fee Based: Don't want to give up equity or don't need investment at this time? A great option for founders looking for a "mini-MBA" type experience to help them build their companies. Each bootcamp will have a fee between $1k and $1,500.00 for two people. Housing is included.


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