Transcend Network Fellowship

Transcend Network Fellowship

We run a remote fellowship for early-stage founders around the world building the future of learning and work.


Program Type
6 weeks

Transcend Network Fellowship is an equity-free founder fellowship. Founders in each cohort become part of our global community, and will be plugged into the Transcend Network with access to some of the sector’s top operators, founders and investors.

Fully remote and global
6-week remote program for founders from all over the world.

For early-stage founders
We've supported dozens of founders at the earliest stages, from idea to product-market fit.

Equity & cost free
A new model to support founders around the world, for $0.

Founder community
We are focused on community-building among some of the world's most promising founders.

Experienced operator network
A network of experienced operators, founders and investors built over the last decade and committed to your success.

Redefining learning & work
We are theses-driven and believe there's never been more innovation around how humans learn and work.


City / State